Is Online Betting Legal?

Is online betting legal? This question often comes up in the mind of many people or those who are new to the world of online betting. Online betting began in the early 1990s and currently thousands of people are working worldwide in the online betting industry. However, the laws and regulations of online betting for the beginners might be confusing and many people also think as illegal. The given article shares precise information on legality of online betting.

Concerning about the legality of betting online, the laws and regulations are bit confusing at the same time many people think it is illegal. But the fact is online betting is like any other betting. If you are living in a country that allows betting then it is completely legal. In simple words, online betting is legal in the countries and States that support it and illegal in the places where there are laws against it. This precisely is the answer to the question, is online betting legal? However, it depends on the individual to check out or find whether their governments allows or permit placing bets online.

Mostly online betting sites are usually located in the states and countries that support online betting and regulate their business according to the laws of that State. Each State in USA has the power to decide the rules and regulations for betting online as well as in person. Many of the states have lotteries and some have casinos. Nevada allows betting, this led to the increase in their economy. But in 2005, there was a benchmark case where the World Trade Organization ruled that the US violated the international trade agreement just by attempting to block online betting originating in the Caribbean countries Antigua & Barbados. Since then the US has continued to ignore this ruling and the WTO has appraised millions of dollars in sanctions against them.

Considering the legal aspect of online betting, some people have also raised their concern that betting online is more accessible to minors as well as harder to regulate in comparison to betting in a formal institution. But the States like Nevada and countries like the United Kingdom have found that online betting simply requires a different manner in which to regulate, but it is just as effective as other forms of betting. People who place bets online must prove their identity and minors are barred from betting. In fact, online betting is easier to regulate in many ways and easier to prevent illegal activities like money laundering as opposed to actual brick and mortar gambling sites.